Photovoltaic dedicated brush production

Photovoltaic dedicated brush production

Product Details

     Photovoltaic special brush according to the application and materials can be divided into the following categories :

1. bristles bristle brush, brush roller: the main process is the use of special requirements for high temperature, good elasticity, high hardness, anti-wear operations, such as the textile industry singeing machine, sub-frame, dyeing and finishing plant used Of the blanket wheel, used to press the cloth into the needle plate.

2. Horse brush roller: Based on the ordinary brush roller replacement materials, horse brush roll horse hair on the operating surface will not bring hard trauma , horse's wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and is usually used to deal with leather, Floor, furniture, etc. surface polishing, waxing, sealing glaze.

3. Sisal wheel, sisal brush roller: the role of the same with other brush roller, but the material is relatively hard, suitable for special polishing, grinding operations.