Polishing brush supplier

Polishing brush supplier

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Polishing brush is mainly used to debur the surface of the object to deburring, fine grinding treatment, if it is a strong hardness of the steel plate grinding treatment, the best use of the brush wire is bronze , mainly by the wire (wire) As a skeleton, with a number of neatly arranged, outward extension of the fine brush wire composition. Brush wire materials are nylon silk, fiber wool, bristles, wire, copper wire, abrasive wire, etc., have different use.

Kaida Brush produced by the polished polished brush has three characteristics, the following we look at the next.

1, bristles high strength, good flexibility, hyperboloid, convex surface, a variety of surfaces can be fully uniform grinding.

2, good durability, bristles tough, long service life.

3, bristle acid and alkali resistance, chemical resistance of organic solvents, does not destroy the original surface lightness, bristle water absorption is low, suitable for dry and wet conditions of grinding.